Personalised Election Items That Won’t Break The Bank And Are Useful Too

Personalised T-Shirts

If aspiring candidates for office positions don’t want to waste money on favours that people won’t pay attention to, then they should give out things that people can use in their daily lives like personalised polo shirts from Print My Logo. T-shirts are everyday clothing, though not even the die-hard fans will wear it every day, people are still more likely to remember the name and face of a candidate on the shirt that they wear as a lounge shirt sometimes.jfk_kennedy_election_t_shirts-r4e37027f677e454289efac3971254496_j2nhu_324

Eco Bags

Citizens are starting to be more eco-friendly these days which is why eco-bags are becoming more utilised in place for plastic. Some people don’t just use it when they go for grocery shopping; they also enjoy it when they run some errands. So election candidates should probably consider handing out this item since they get free promotion by people who might carry it while going around town.green_grocery_reusable_bag


Whether it’s mainly a tropical country or those countries that experience four seasons in a year, an umbrella will be very useful. Actually, I think the majority of people don’t leave their houses without one. So again, not only that people are surely going to benefit from it, the name and face of a candidate printed on it gets paraded to places and might be noticed by other people too.umbrella-9

Tumblers/Coffee Mugs

Because people are conscious about communal things like glass or mugs, they’ve taken the habit of having and using their own tumbler or coffee mug at work or just whenever they want to have a drink. Won’t it be great if more people carry and drink from your personalised tumbler or mug and sees your face whenever they take a sip?none_of_the_above_uk_election_2015_mugs

Foldable/Twisted Fans With Pouch

Though this item may only be beneficial for people in warm places, it’s still a nice idea for an inexpensive yet handy election item.bnr-main-lft