How To Evaluate A Freelance SEO

It is not enough to simply decide that you want a freelance SEO. Even finding the website where millions of freelance SEO are available does not cut it. It is important to sort through hundreds of applicants in order to choose the best freelancer to manage your SEO campaign. Here are some criteria on how to evaluate a freelance SEO applicant. Age – Freelance SEO comes in all ages. It is better to choose freelancers at least 25 years of age. Younger freelancers will only have few years of experience or even less than a year of experience in search engine optimisation. On the other hand, older freelancers most likely to have several years in SEO. Approach – Approach is very important. By asking the applicant how they will approach the SEO task, you can get a grasp on the level of expertise the applicant has by the approach taken. Amateurs will provide vague and unorganized approach while professional freelance SEO can provide a detailed approach including the expectations in every stage of the SEO campaign. Availability – There are many applicants which have current work commitments and might not be available for a few weeks or a couple of months. Some will try to work multiple jobs which divides the focus of the freelancer. It is important to know when the freelancer can work in your SEO campaign and if their schedule coincides with your campaign target schedule. Average Time Per Job – Though not all SEO jobs are the same, it is still a good idea to know how long most jobs have taken to get results. This way you can check whether you will have the resources to fund an SEO campaign with the applicant. Credentials – Checking previous works can be good but it’s not the best criteria for judging a freelancer especially online. It is almost impossible to verify their claims. There are freelancer websites though which tallies the total income and the hiring rate of a freelance SEO which can give you more data. Equipment – SEO campaign takes months to complete. There are freelancers which rent computers in an internet café which cost additional funds while working. Freelancers with their own computer and internet are more suitable for long-term jobs. Experience – Age is not enough to determine the capability of the freelancer. Experience in SEO is critical. You can check the profile of the freelancer from the time it was created and compare the number of jobs the freelancer completed. Payment Methods – Before you sort out the applicants further, it is also crucial to know that the freelancer can receive the payment. Check the available payment options for the applicant to see if you can send the money to the freelancer. Period Between Jobs – Freelance SEO with just a week or two off in between job are the best option. These freelancers get hired often because of the result they got for their clients. They outdo their competition even with thousands of professional freelancers competing for a job. Rate – The rate freelancers charge are also important. It will give you an idea on whether you can afford to run the SEO campaign through the end to get the desired results. Gareth Bull SEO mentions how important it is not just to hire on price (he mentions this in his YouTube playlist. These are just the things you can check to evaluate and trim the number of applicants for the job. You will still need to interview the applicant to know more and help you reach the best decision.