5 Benefits of Aerial Videography For Businesses

aerial+crop+mapping-djiGaining more popularity day by day, aerial videography is becoming popular not only among photographers but many businesses are utilising it for their benefits. This new innovation in the photography sector is being used by marketers, real estate owners and many other business related people to advertise their services with a different perspective. Any business looking to marketise its products, leverage more clientele and even showcase the whole business can use aerial videography in its favor, just visit http://skyflyvideo.co.uk/. How? Keep on reading and you’ll find out how you can use aerial videography in your best interests.

High Resolution Picture:

With latest UAVs and lense improvement, you can get high quality results to create video ads for your business. Having a hi-res picture quality is very important for viewer to get impressed/inspired from the clip and know more about the business. Now you can achieve this objective with latest UAVs and produce eye catching videos to leverage your business and present it in a totally different angle. And if you want to capture a specific kind of shot, then you may use lense that can get you the right shot through UAV you’re using. You may create beautiful and wide angle videos to marketise your business to engage the potential customers.

More Reach:

When it comes to taking pictures of landscapes and buildings the man held cameras specify a limit to capture the area. As a photographer can only capture a limited area at a considerable distance to keep the results up. But with UAVs, you don’t need to worry about distance limit or picture quality as they can fly as high as you want them to capture the whole area of your property and get the right results in one shot.

You can examine building’s condition without surveying in person if you’re in construction business or you may showcase the property to your potential client in 3D effects if you’re in real estate business. With aerial videography, you can do much more things that were not available with previous means of filming and photography.

Multiple Applications:

If you think that aerial videography is limited to perform specific tasks such as capturing landscapes vertically then you need to think again. It can be utilised to perform many functions that traditional equipments can’t do. For instance, you may reach inaccessible places with the help of UAVs, get bigger perspective for filming and even prepare reports for weak buildings or places under construction.

Cost Effective:

Filming from vertical angles was expensive with helicopters and other mediums that were used in past. But with aerial videography, you can stay in budget without spending much. Just hire a professional aerial videographer and get the job done in fraction of amount that you might have paid in past bearing fuel expenses, hiring pilots and helicopters vice versa.

Less Time Consuming:

Another benefit of using aerial videography technology is because it saves you much time for capturing shots of difficult angles. Yes, with UAVs, you can reach to highest points and capture difficult shots in minutes that can’t be reached easily if you’re using a handheld camera for filming.


How To Evaluate A Freelance SEO

It is not enough to simply decide that you want a freelance SEO. Even finding the website where millions of freelance SEO are available does not cut it. It is important to sort through hundreds of applicants in order to choose the best freelancer to manage your SEO campaign. Here are some criteria on how to evaluate a freelance SEO applicant. Age – Freelance SEO comes in all ages. It is better to choose freelancers at least 25 years of age. Younger freelancers will only have few years of experience or even less than a year of experience in search engine optimisation. On the other hand, older freelancers most likely to have several years in SEO. Approach – Approach is very important. By asking the applicant how they will approach the SEO task, you can get a grasp on the level of expertise the applicant has by the approach taken. Amateurs will provide vague and unorganized approach while professional freelance SEO can provide a detailed approach including the expectations in every stage of the SEO campaign. Availability – There are many applicants which have current work commitments and might not be available for a few weeks or a couple of months. Some will try to work multiple jobs which divides the focus of the freelancer. It is important to know when the freelancer can work in your SEO campaign and if their schedule coincides with your campaign target schedule. Average Time Per Job – Though not all SEO jobs are the same, it is still a good idea to know how long most jobs have taken to get results. This way you can check whether you will have the resources to fund an SEO campaign with the applicant. Credentials – Checking previous works can be good but it’s not the best criteria for judging a freelancer especially online. It is almost impossible to verify their claims. There are freelancer websites though which tallies the total income and the hiring rate of a freelance SEO which can give you more data. Equipment – SEO campaign takes months to complete. There are freelancers which rent computers in an internet café which cost additional funds while working. Freelancers with their own computer and internet are more suitable for long-term jobs. Experience – Age is not enough to determine the capability of the freelancer. Experience in SEO is critical. You can check the profile of the freelancer from the time it was created and compare the number of jobs the freelancer completed. Payment Methods – Before you sort out the applicants further, it is also crucial to know that the freelancer can receive the payment. Check the available payment options for the applicant to see if you can send the money to the freelancer. Period Between Jobs – Freelance SEO with just a week or two off in between job are the best option. These freelancers get hired often because of the result they got for their clients. They outdo their competition even with thousands of professional freelancers competing for a job. Rate – The rate freelancers charge are also important. It will give you an idea on whether you can afford to run the SEO campaign through the end to get the desired results. Gareth Bull SEO mentions how important it is not just to hire on price (he mentions this in his YouTube playlist. These are just the things you can check to evaluate and trim the number of applicants for the job. You will still need to interview the applicant to know more and help you reach the best decision.


Managing People

Many managers get a real kick out of managing people – they measure how successful they are by the number of people they manage. You can be good with people but may hate managing people. The problem is that as you start to grow as a business, you may find that you are increasingly involved in HR issues rather than growing your business.

Managing people can be very rewarding and certainly can be the best aspect if your role includes being directly responsible for managing a team. But depending on your luck; if the people in the team are high performers and want to get on with it then you are not going to have a difficult time managing them.

The reality is that although you may really believe you are finding the next Google; your new employees may not share your passion. And recruiting the first few people is actually easy. Certain types get attracted to start ups and love being called co-founders. You can realise how motivated you can get by this if a company recruits you and says you would be a co-founder.

employeesYour problems really start when you look for employees for non-core roles (yes, every employee is important and that everyone is part of a winning team etc – but back in the real world). You will not be able to recruit the best talent for roles such as credit control (which is one of the most important roles in a fast growing business). And you will not be able to compete with the big corporate in terms of salaries that you can offer or the terms of employment (gym membership, subsidised canteen, pension arrangements etc) and the employee share pool will soon dwindle if you start offering everyone access to the share pool.

So, what is the perfect advice to start ups in terms of recruiting and retaining staff?

Firstly, find a really good HR person/ part time director/ outsource partner. This is vital to ensure that you take care of the paperwork and create the impression that you are serious and professional about the way you treat your team.

Secondly, take a long time over hiring decisions – at whatever grade. Hire slow, fire fast is a good motto.

job interviewThirdly, treat the interview as a genuine two way sale process. You want to impress the interviewee as much as they will hopefully want to impress you.

Offer an accredited training program with a local University or College. There are many government programs which offer subsidised training. Why not offer employees skills based learning where they get a qualification? Employees rate this very highly as a benefit – and it could be a very effective way of you keeping them with you during the course (the longer the better!)

Fourthly, if you are the key entrepreneur, really do try and stay away from the managing people piece. It is hard work and can take up lots of time.


Why Should I Hire a Payroll Company?

headimageAs a small business, paying your employees can be a difficult and confusing process. You need to make sure you obey the legal side of it, and keep your paperwork sorted correctly. If you do not possess the correct skills yourself, Corporate Payroll Solutions can take all this away from you.


Owners of small businesses who use payroll services claim that they have experienced a range of benefits.

  • It’s cheaper to use a payroll service than do the work yourself or hire a bookkeeper to do it
  • Payroll services save businesses several hours a week
  • Hiring a payroll service means you can focus on what is important to your business as opposed to focusing on becoming an expert on the payroll process
  • With payroll services online, staff members can log into their accounts when they need to, and when changes need to be made on their account. Mobile access is also available.
  • Online payroll services allow companies to navigate the complicated process involving payroll taxes, withholdings, insurance, and profit sharing.


Naturally, cost of payroll services vary between different companies. However, the pricing system is fairly standard and similar between companies. Most services charge a monthly fee based on services being provided and how many employees the services are required for. This monthly fee ranges from £20 to £150. An additional fee is often charged for, per check paid. These can range from £2 to £10.

Choosing The Right Company for You

Ask questions when you are enquiring about a payroll company’s services. How long have they been in the business? What industry are their other clients in? What are their fees? Ensure that they meet all legal requirements, and provide high quality service. Look out for potential bad companies. You will want a trustworthy company meeting all legal requirements who meet your deadlines.