About Us

Who We Are
The Mitchell Brothers is a cross section of the business community seeking ways to be more inclusive and included through collaboration. Our members range from large regional companies, on one hand, and small emerging companies led by entrepreneurs of color on the other. Despite their differences in size, they all have one goal: to succeed in the complex business environment of the 21st century. TMB helps map out the common ground on which they can do this together.

What We Do
The concept behind The Mitchell Brothers is simple. Take a fresh look at how we do business, learn from the lessons of the past, listen to what your members tell you and help them accomplish their objectives. However, how The Mitchell Brothers translates this concept into action is far less easy to explain. Each member’s needs are different and so the approach to each varies. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, all of TMB’s activities are designed to build a foundation of relationships that support the expansion of business transactions.