5 Benefits of Aerial Videography For Businesses

aerial+crop+mapping-djiGaining more popularity day by day, aerial videography is becoming popular not only among photographers but many businesses are utilising it for their benefits. This new innovation in the photography sector is being used by marketers, real estate owners and many other business related people to advertise their services with a different perspective. Any business looking to marketise its products, leverage more clientele and even showcase the whole business can use aerial videography in its favor, just visit http://skyflyvideo.co.uk/. How? Keep on reading and you’ll find out how you can use aerial videography in your best interests.

High Resolution Picture:

With latest UAVs and lense improvement, you can get high quality results to create video ads for your business. Having a hi-res picture quality is very important for viewer to get impressed/inspired from the clip and know more about the business. Now you can achieve this objective with latest UAVs and produce eye catching videos to leverage your business and present it in a totally different angle. And if you want to capture a specific kind of shot, then you may use lense that can get you the right shot through UAV you’re using. You may create beautiful and wide angle videos to marketise your business to engage the potential customers.

More Reach:

When it comes to taking pictures of landscapes and buildings the man held cameras specify a limit to capture the area. As a photographer can only capture a limited area at a considerable distance to keep the results up. But with UAVs, you don’t need to worry about distance limit or picture quality as they can fly as high as you want them to capture the whole area of your property and get the right results in one shot.

You can examine building’s condition without surveying in person if you’re in construction business or you may showcase the property to your potential client in 3D effects if you’re in real estate business. With aerial videography, you can do much more things that were not available with previous means of filming and photography.

Multiple Applications:

If you think that aerial videography is limited to perform specific tasks such as capturing landscapes vertically then you need to think again. It can be utilised to perform many functions that traditional equipments can’t do. For instance, you may reach inaccessible places with the help of UAVs, get bigger perspective for filming and even prepare reports for weak buildings or places under construction.

Cost Effective:

Filming from vertical angles was expensive with helicopters and other mediums that were used in past. But with aerial videography, you can stay in budget without spending much. Just hire a professional aerial videographer and get the job done in fraction of amount that you might have paid in past bearing fuel expenses, hiring pilots and helicopters vice versa.

Less Time Consuming:

Another benefit of using aerial videography technology is because it saves you much time for capturing shots of difficult angles. Yes, with UAVs, you can reach to highest points and capture difficult shots in minutes that can’t be reached easily if you’re using a handheld camera for filming.