Tribute to The Mitchell Brothers

Tribute to The Mitchell Brothers

The Mitchell Brothers

They inked their deal after Tony Mitchell performed a reverse pickpocket manoeuvre in the queue at a Barclays Bank in Brixton and slipped a demo CD into Skinner’s pocket. Clothes are important to The Mitchell Brothers.┬áTony prefers Lacoste and Polo, whereas Teddy heads for Aquascutum.

Despite the lacklustre comedy entrance, the majority of the Mitchell Brothers' street styled observations on life as urban youngsters are amusing for their individual durations, but appear to have little in the way of longevity when stacked up against the headliners material.

Classic Mitchell items include a flat cap from the Wandsworth Road market and a slightly loose Fred Perry V-neck jumper.

When this interview took place the Mitchell Brother's were taking part in an MTV Spanking New show for MTV Base highlighting the best of new British Urban Music.



  • Sorted (mixtape) (2004)
  • A Breath of Fresh Attire #56 UK[1] (2005)
  • Dressed For The Occasion (2007)
  • The Mitchell Brothers lyrics
  • Beam Us Up Scotty (mixtape) (TBC)


  • A Breath of Fresh Attire
  • "Routine Check" (2004) UK #42[1]
  • "Harvey Nicks" (2004) UK #62[1]
  • "Excuse My Brother" (2005) UK #58[1]
  • "Alone With The TV" (2006)
  • "She's Got It All Wrong" (2006)
  • Dressed For The Occasion
  • "SoleMate" (2007)
  • "Michael Jackson" (2007) UK #65

With the exception of MIA's cockney patois they were the only act out there not trying to emulate their successful American counterparts. As the duo go out on a UK tour they look back at being the only British act to join Mase, Mobb Deep and MOP on 50 Cents recent tour and ask will the Real Great Britain please step forward!!!